Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Teaser: Katy's Senior Pictures

What do you think of the new logo?

Friday, March 19, 2010

Newborns: Carson and Harper

Drum roll please...

After much waiting (I know, 2 teasers later), I'm now able to introduce you to little misses Carson and Harper. And these girls bring me such joy.  I've known their mom for about 3/4s of my life.  Her parents lived across the street from my grandparents.  And after they both passed away and my family moved, I then lived across the street from Rylen and her family.  Now we're a happy neighborhood, my parents, Rylen's parents and me.  Rylen announced late last summer that she and her husband Jim were expecting.  And not just one, but two bundles of joy.  It was such a blessing to watch them (and Rylen) grow, and then to finally meet them and hold them.  It's been so much fun to see how they've grown and developed in the past 8 weeks.  And I look forward to being part of their lives as they continue to grow into beautiful girls.

At the point of taking their pictures, they were already a couple weeks old.  Not optimum for newborn pictures, but we made it work.  Look how happy they are!
 Rylen is such a wonderful mom!

 That white background.  Ladies and gentlemen that is an IKEA deal!  Be resourceful!
You can see the weight difference between the 2.  Carson's little legs are starting to fill out while Harper still has bird legs.
You'd think it was nap time or something.
 The happy new family...
Jim is one of the biggest clowns you'll ever know.
But look at how absolutely sweet this moment is between Jim and Harper...
Cute little family picture!

Carson and Harper, you're Aunt Courtney loves you very much.  I'll always be there for you...

Thursday, March 18, 2010

WPPI: The Review

Wow oh WOW!  That's how I would summarize my time at WPPI last week.  Well, that and overwhelming.  I've been trying to summarize everything in my brain before putting it in words, but I don't know how I can easily do that.  So, maybe a list will suffice for now.  Then later if I need to expand on anything I will.  How does that sound?

So...who's ready for next year?  See you again in 2011 WPPI!
  • The speakers were...phenomenal!  At least the ones that I saw... Audrey Woulard, Jasmine Star, Justin and Mary Marantz, Judy Herrmann, Jackie Palmer and Andrew Jenkins, Blake Discher, and even Jessica Claire.  I walked out of each room totally blown away.
  • The MGM Grand is a very large hotel.  A very large hotel with sucky cell phone service!  Everyone walked around inside trying to find service, but once you were away from a window it was gone.  And everyone complained about the lack of service.  It really stunk when vendors were trying to demo a product that required them to go online...and they couldn't.
  • I was totally star struck.  In my mind, I saw a lot of celebrities (of the photography world) while at WPPI.  I so wanted to walk up to them and introduce myself, and they would have been totally cool and down to earth, but I was just too big of a dork to do it.  But I did get a picture with Jasmine Star.  Her work is gorgeous.  So is she, see...
  • And yes, she is that funny, pretty, and down to earth in real life.  I think we'll be great bff's.

  • I'm still not sure who to use as a website host and a photo proofing gallery for clients.
  • 2 huge tradeshow rooms = lots of brochures/price lists/show specials = one very sore shoulder.
  • I learned about taking pictures in natural lighting (which I do), I learned about children photography (which I'd like to do more of), I learned lots about marketing, branding, and connecting with the client/target client, tips to break into the business, and SEO (search engine optimization).  There were so many options of seminars to go it that it was hard to decide.
  • You know what you do while you wait?  You meet people.  That's how I met someone that recently moved to San Luis Obispo.  And I also met someone to walk with to the [b] school party (hosted by becker).
  • Besides meals, and a whole whopping $6 on the slots, I didn't buy anything.  And this is for 2 reasons:  1) all of my spending money went here, and 2) my bag would have been way over weight for the return flight.
  • Sunday after the platform classes before the welcome reception, I walked from the front of MGM to Caesar's Forum Shops and then back again.  The back part was the worst, mainly because it was lightly raining.  But I saw some fun stuff along the way.
  • Dining by yourself...not so fun.  Unless you have a King's game to watch while eating.
  • Speaking of eating, when all the food court lines are way too long, you're hungry, and you need to get to your next class, it's ok to have a Haagen Dazs Whey Protein Smoothie for lunch.  It doesn't matter that it was a peanut butter banana smoothie either.
  • Being overwhelmed is a good thing.  It means you're being challenged.  Let's just say I was very overwhelmed.
  • Surprisingly, for going to a photography convention, I didn't take that many pictures.  But by golly I carried that camera everywhere 'just in case'!
  • I way over packed.  Like way too much stuff.  Oops.
  • I put $6 dollars into the nickel slot.  I cashed out when I was at $16.  Go me!
  • I had a king bed.  All to myself.  Not like that's any different than any other time when I have my bed all to myself.  But it was swanky.
  • And because a couple self photos always make things better...
    So...who's ready for next year?  See you again in 2011 WPPI!