Thursday, March 18, 2010

WPPI: The Review

Wow oh WOW!  That's how I would summarize my time at WPPI last week.  Well, that and overwhelming.  I've been trying to summarize everything in my brain before putting it in words, but I don't know how I can easily do that.  So, maybe a list will suffice for now.  Then later if I need to expand on anything I will.  How does that sound?

So...who's ready for next year?  See you again in 2011 WPPI!
  • The speakers were...phenomenal!  At least the ones that I saw... Audrey Woulard, Jasmine Star, Justin and Mary Marantz, Judy Herrmann, Jackie Palmer and Andrew Jenkins, Blake Discher, and even Jessica Claire.  I walked out of each room totally blown away.
  • The MGM Grand is a very large hotel.  A very large hotel with sucky cell phone service!  Everyone walked around inside trying to find service, but once you were away from a window it was gone.  And everyone complained about the lack of service.  It really stunk when vendors were trying to demo a product that required them to go online...and they couldn't.
  • I was totally star struck.  In my mind, I saw a lot of celebrities (of the photography world) while at WPPI.  I so wanted to walk up to them and introduce myself, and they would have been totally cool and down to earth, but I was just too big of a dork to do it.  But I did get a picture with Jasmine Star.  Her work is gorgeous.  So is she, see...
  • And yes, she is that funny, pretty, and down to earth in real life.  I think we'll be great bff's.

  • I'm still not sure who to use as a website host and a photo proofing gallery for clients.
  • 2 huge tradeshow rooms = lots of brochures/price lists/show specials = one very sore shoulder.
  • I learned about taking pictures in natural lighting (which I do), I learned about children photography (which I'd like to do more of), I learned lots about marketing, branding, and connecting with the client/target client, tips to break into the business, and SEO (search engine optimization).  There were so many options of seminars to go it that it was hard to decide.
  • You know what you do while you wait?  You meet people.  That's how I met someone that recently moved to San Luis Obispo.  And I also met someone to walk with to the [b] school party (hosted by becker).
  • Besides meals, and a whole whopping $6 on the slots, I didn't buy anything.  And this is for 2 reasons:  1) all of my spending money went here, and 2) my bag would have been way over weight for the return flight.
  • Sunday after the platform classes before the welcome reception, I walked from the front of MGM to Caesar's Forum Shops and then back again.  The back part was the worst, mainly because it was lightly raining.  But I saw some fun stuff along the way.
  • Dining by yourself...not so fun.  Unless you have a King's game to watch while eating.
  • Speaking of eating, when all the food court lines are way too long, you're hungry, and you need to get to your next class, it's ok to have a Haagen Dazs Whey Protein Smoothie for lunch.  It doesn't matter that it was a peanut butter banana smoothie either.
  • Being overwhelmed is a good thing.  It means you're being challenged.  Let's just say I was very overwhelmed.
  • Surprisingly, for going to a photography convention, I didn't take that many pictures.  But by golly I carried that camera everywhere 'just in case'!
  • I way over packed.  Like way too much stuff.  Oops.
  • I put $6 dollars into the nickel slot.  I cashed out when I was at $16.  Go me!
  • I had a king bed.  All to myself.  Not like that's any different than any other time when I have my bed all to myself.  But it was swanky.
  • And because a couple self photos always make things better...
    So...who's ready for next year?  See you again in 2011 WPPI!


M, A and C too! said...

Oh how I wish i could have gone with you! maybe next year? Glad you learned so much and can't wait to hear more about it!

Jill said...

I hope you had tons of fun! :)

Bunn Salarzon said...

Wow, your hotel room was awesome! Jealous. BTW, I had no problem with phone connection on my BlackBerry. hehe! Hey, maybe I'll see you on the tradeshow floor next year? I don't plan to do full registration again, I think tradeshow-only will be perfect for me.