Sunday, December 27, 2009

Family: Elin + Tony = Elijah

Elin and I work together.  In fact, when I started in our department, Elin and I shared an office.  It was great!  She is a wonderful, devoted believer of Christ, and we often talked about our faith and bounce questions off one another.  Then I moved offices. And I didn't get to see Elin as often or have our deep conversations.  But we still made time.

Elin and her husband Tony had their first child this past August, Elijah.!  As you'll see coming up.  I was ecstatic and honored when Elin asked if I'd be willing to take their family pictures for their Christmas card.  Of course I took her up on that!  So one beautiful, sunny Sundays, Elin, Tony and Elijah and I, along with my lovely assistant (and sister) Kaitlin and their two dogs, Matt and Ellie, went to CSU Stan to take some pictures...

Look at this little guy.  Isn't he just the most adorable?!?

This face reminds me of Popeye.

The beautiful family...

Matt and Ellie.  Such well behaved dogs!
Kisses on the bald head make me smile.
After a quick change, we now have Santa. Then he discovered the fuzziness around his hands and kept sticking them in his mouth.

  So fun!

And that's it...

Elin and Tony, thank you for giving me the opportunity to hang out for a couple hours and capture your lovely family.  And thank you for taking a chance and letting me practice on you guys.  I look forward to watching Elijah grow over the years, as well as our friendship.

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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Wedding: Danae and Adam.

Close to a month ago a good friend of mine got married (you may remember their engagement pictures here).  She married a wonder Christian man that was raised in a nurturing Christian home, same as she.  I was honored when Danae asked if I'd be interested in taking "candid" pictures throughout their day - getting ready all the way to the reception.  And I willingly accepted.  Because face it, I'm a sucker for all things weddings. 

The day was filled with friends, family, God, and of course love.  So without any further ado, may I present to you Danae and Adam - the Candids Edition.

Hair - check!  Make-up - check!  Beaming bride - check!

Nothing like a little help getting, ahem, garments clasped.  (Danae, I'm working on removing Janelle from the picture for you, it's proving to be a little more time consuming than I thought.)

The 3 bridesmaids.  Thank goodness for those shawls.  It was a chilly November day!

The dashing groom, soaking in the sun, anxiously awaiting his bride.

Danae ready for their "first look".  Doesn't she look so happy!?!

The flowers were beautiful!  The colors were great and so fallish.

The entire wedding party.  Notice Danae had a "bridesman", that's her brother Hans.

They've kissed.  It's official.  They're husband and wife.  I love the cross stain glass window above them.

How cute and quaint is the Hickman Community Church

Speaking of feet, check out the bottom of my dress and my 9" heels!  Man they were tall, not quite 9", but a good 4" I'm guessing. 

Adam and his band/group of friends had a little jam session.  I love/hate that the only picture I got of Adam with his head up is on the video recorder.  Makes for a cool shot, but not as cool other shots.

I love, love, love pictures when photographers place the wedding rings in/on unique items.  I'm gonna have to work on this more, but not bad for my first time...

First dance...

More dancing...

Since you saw the bottom half of me, how about the top too?  I looked good!

And so concludes the candids of Danae and Adam's wedding.  Such a beautiful wedding.  Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of your special day Danae, and for allowing me to capture that beauty with my camera.

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Monday, December 14, 2009

I heart Faces: Pets Only!

Hobie.  Oh sweet Hobie.  If only we could keep you out of the pool and dry 12 months of the year...

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Layla Turned 2!

Ok, so I'm really late with this one.  Layla, daughter to my friends Allie and Jon, turned 2! ... in September.  See, I slack!  Or procrastinate.  Or forget.  Whatever it is, I did it.  2 months later, shush!

Well, anywho, without further ado, may I present Layla, the birthday girl...

I love this picture.  It's like she's looking out over her sea of minions.  All that's missing is a crown and a princess wave.

Layla and Daddy, Jon.

Layla decided to separate herself from all her family and friends for a bit, and hid under the playground.  The wood chips were fun to play with...

Remember this little guy?  Yep, he's Layla's Mom's cousin's son.  So, does that make Layla and Collin 2nd cousins?  I can never remember how that system works.

Layla and Nannie.  Nannie was a dear and shared her soda with her grand-daughter.  Hey, it was the kid's birthday, she can drink whatever she wanted right?

Get ready for the cupcakes...

Finger lickin' good!

After that rush of sugar, what else do you do but run off some pend up energy...

And then you check your pulse...

And spent!

The birthday girl had no interest in opening presents.  So she didn't.  But she did run around and play on the playground and eat pizza. 

And so it goes, Layla is now 2.

Let's hope the 2s isn't terrible though...

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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Danbom Family Pictures

I was asked about a month ago if I'd be willing to take pictures for a family that I'm friends with.  Of course I jumped at the chance!  2 month old Kylie.  1 1/2 year old, blue eyed Collin.  Their dad is a former classmate of mine, and my bff's cousin; and mom is a cousin of another friend of mine.  All the connections!

So they needed family pictures taken to use for their Christmas card.  And being that 1) Taryn liked pictures I've posted on facebook; 2) I currently am not charging (I can expand more on that later); and 3) well I don't know if there's a 3, maybe that I was flexible with scheduling and worked with what worked for them.

So without further ado, let me introduce you to the Danbom's...

We were at this really cool old farm house with a barn, tractor, oak trees, etc.  The house used to belong to a couple great (great?) uncle's of Paul's.

Check out the texture of the porch.  This family was troopers!  The stairs were a bit sketchy, but they climbed right up there.
I really like this shot.  One thing I wish I had done though, not cut off Collin's feet and hand.  Live and learn...

A lollipop was introduced into the mix to help keep Collin occupied and less restless.  It worked for the most part.

Someone had a momentary cry fest.  But don't worry, it was short lived.

Trying a unique technique with Photoshop.  What do you think?

At the end of the shoot, someone found a pile of dirt.  And, well, it was just too intriguing to pass up.  I bet he could have played in it for hours.

The beautiful family...

I had so much fun taking Paul, Taryn, Collin and Kylie's pictures.  I can't wait for the opportunity to do it again and to watch these beautiful children grow.  Thanks Taryn for taking a chance with me.