Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Engagement: Danae & Adam

A few weeks ago I was the recipient of a "I'm ENGAGED! Adam proposed at Disneyland." text. After sending my congrats, via text of course, I followed up with "Can I take your engagement pictures?" Then I realized I stuck my foot in my mouth because I really don't know what I'm doing, but figured it would be good practice.

And I recruited a friend to join me in the picture taking/practice experience.

I admit. I was freaked out! You saw my pictures from Kaitlin, they came out pretty good. I was satisfied with them. But these people aren't family. I can't boss them around and punch them. Don't worry, I don't punch Kaitlin...often.

So Saturday came. I took pictures. Mandy did most of the posing (my weakness and where I need to become stronger). Look at what I captured on my camera worried me, I was sure that maybe out of 400+ pictures I only got a handful of good ones. Boy was I surprised (at myself) when I uploaded and reviewed them.

Take a look...
I love these shots along the stone wall.
Danae has an infectious laugh. And Adam makes her laugh. They were so stinkin' cute!
Danae, you'll be happy to know that I will not be posting the nose picking pictures.
Um... HELLO! Does this not scream romantic!?! This may be one of my favorite from the day!
A little black & white action. Such a sweet, tender embrace.
The lighting... love it!
Who says you can't have a little fun!
Yeah for props and outfit changes! Danae developed the love of baseball, particularly the Oakland A's. Fortunately, she found a fellow fan to spend the rest of her life with.
And to finish things off, a little smoochy smoochy as they ride off in the sunset...
I can't wait until the wedding in November!

To see more pictures from Danae & Adam click here.
I have 2 more pictures to add. They are in my "upload to flickr que". Stay tuned...

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Danae said...

Awesome! We absolutely love the pictures, we're really pleased. A little Photoshop, and they're magical! Thanks so much, Courtney :)

I'll be using one of these for an engagement announcement (hopefully coming soon), and then posting them on our wedding website (still under construction).