Sunday, December 27, 2009

Family: Elin + Tony = Elijah

Elin and I work together.  In fact, when I started in our department, Elin and I shared an office.  It was great!  She is a wonderful, devoted believer of Christ, and we often talked about our faith and bounce questions off one another.  Then I moved offices. And I didn't get to see Elin as often or have our deep conversations.  But we still made time.

Elin and her husband Tony had their first child this past August, Elijah.!  As you'll see coming up.  I was ecstatic and honored when Elin asked if I'd be willing to take their family pictures for their Christmas card.  Of course I took her up on that!  So one beautiful, sunny Sundays, Elin, Tony and Elijah and I, along with my lovely assistant (and sister) Kaitlin and their two dogs, Matt and Ellie, went to CSU Stan to take some pictures...

Look at this little guy.  Isn't he just the most adorable?!?

This face reminds me of Popeye.

The beautiful family...

Matt and Ellie.  Such well behaved dogs!
Kisses on the bald head make me smile.
After a quick change, we now have Santa. Then he discovered the fuzziness around his hands and kept sticking them in his mouth.

  So fun!

And that's it...

Elin and Tony, thank you for giving me the opportunity to hang out for a couple hours and capture your lovely family.  And thank you for taking a chance and letting me practice on you guys.  I look forward to watching Elijah grow over the years, as well as our friendship.

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nadia said...

just stumbled over your blog...I am a newcomer photographer from germany. Just wanted to encourage you: I really like your pictures! They are natural and full of life. You have great potential.

Courtney said...

Thanks Nadia! I wish you the best of luck in Germany as well!