Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Portrait: Pam for TID Super

Last weekend I had the privilege of photographing Pam Sweeten, who is running for a spot on the TID Board. You see though, Pam didn't just happen upon me or hear about me from a friend of a friend. Pam and I go way back. Like she used to babysit. It was just a few years ago though.

Anyways... So Pam is running for TID's District 5 spot on the Board of Directors. And she's gearing up into full campaign mode. And with campaign mode comes numerous printed items with her beautiful, warm smiling face.

Enters me... Amateur Photographer Extraordinaire!

Pam stands for and represents everything agriculture. And well, here in the Central Valley of California, we're surrounded by it. So we started out in an almond orchard, then walked across the country road to a corn field.
Moving down the road we found a great canal. Perfect! TID=Turlock Irrigation District. Kinda what canals are all about. So we took advantage of the flowing water and had a little fun.
After getting our feet wet, literally. Silly me, I wore flip flops, in the country, where there soil is fine and clings like no other. So yes, I rinsed off a little too. Off to find some different back drops around Turlock.

Like the TID Building...
And the City Building.

All in all it was a good time. I learned that I really need to work on posing. But with this particular shoot it was a bit challenging. How do you pose someone running for an office without it being a boring head shot? Oh well, we went with it.

To see more pictures of Pam click here.

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