Saturday, August 29, 2009

MoPhoto Walk: Photos

Last week Kaitlin, Mandy, and I participated in something called the MoPhotoWalk. Ever heard of it? No, you probably haven't because this was the first time meeting, socializing, and shooting with other photographers, beginners and advanced.

Basically, those that signed up (no cost) met downtown Modesto at a meeting point and followed the same route for about an hour and a half before meeting back up at the State Theater for some Lightroom and Photoshop tutorials by Jerad Hill, photographer and organizer.

Here's a sample of my favorite shots of the day...

The feet I walked with. I love those shoes. They're starting to really show their wear and tear and I can't find new one anywhere!
Great lighting on the side of McHenry Mansion.
I know, not much here. Just love the depth of field though.
Not totally focused because of an ever so slight breeze. But for some reason I'm just drawn to this one.
And the State Theater at night. Coolest neon lights in Modesto.

To see more of my MoPhotoWalk pictures of click here, or here to see the whole groups pictures.

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